What is Metaversalism?

A Brief Introduction

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Metaversalism is:
  • A new kind of belief system, one that's well suited to the sophisticated, knowledgeable 21st century mind.
  • A meta-religion that can encompass and unify many possible religions into a single overarching framework, which can help people of all faiths (and non-faiths) to moderate their metaphysical convictions, enabling them to better understand and respect each other.
  • An honest religion, that doesn't pretend to know with certainty anything that it doesn't.
  • A philosophy that allows you to maintain your rationality and common sense, while still recognizing the infinite possibilities of existence.

Metaversalism is a rational philosophy or belief system that is based on (but attempts to somewhat expand upon) the knowledge that can be conventionally gained through the exercise of mathematics, logic, reason, and empirical science.  It is not a religion in the traditional sense, but it is an attempt to replace or subsume traditional religion with a set of beliefs that is more rationally well-founded, while still addressing some of the same Big Questions that most religions attempt to answer, questions on which mainstream science has been silent.  Metaversalism can be considered a new kind of religion, a religion that attempts to be more satisfying than its predecessors, from the viewpoint of a sophisticated, modern, 21st-century mind.  Metaversalism is an attempt at an honest religion – we are up-front about what parts of our belief system are things that actually known to be true, based on empirical science and/or solid logic, and what parts are only our educated “best guesses.”

Metaversalism revolves around (and is named after) the concept of what we call the meta-universe, meta-multiverse, or just Metaverse for short.  This last, shortened form of the word has also been previously been used to describe certain three-dimensional virtual reality systems, but we are co-opting the word and coining a new meaning of it for our purposes, namely, as the panoply of all possible realities (all possible universes), which is what we believe constitutes the true underlying framework of existence.  Additional details of this theory follow.

1. Basic Premises of Metaversalism

1.1. Situational Premises,  a.k.a. "Metaverse Theory"

1.2. Moral Premises,  a.k.a., "Metaversal Ethics"

2. Great Mysteries Solved by Metaversalism

3. Answers to some Objections to Metaversalism

4. History of Metaversalism