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Church of Metaversalism

Newest, fanciest Church logo, square version 5.0:

metaversalism church fancy logo 5
The central "Om" meaning soul, spirit is at the core of the philosophy--all is Soul, where Soul here is equated with the Word or Logos, reinterpreted in terms of modern concepts as logic/mathematics/computation, the seed from which the whole Metaverse springs.  The white (figure) "Om" of this basic transcendent principle of lightness is contrasted with the black void (ground) of nothingness that otherwise exists.  Around these starkly-contrasted core principles circles the grayish mixture of Elohim (the creators, light) / Thanos (the destroyer, dark), representing the inevitably-mixed light/dark aspects of the universal consciousness which inheres in the principles of sentience that ultimately rest on the pure core of Om.  

This newest logo, above, derived from the previous one, below.

Newer, fancy Church logo, square version 4.0:

metaversalism church logo fancy 4
This logo was the first to incorporate the Hebrew/Greek text "Elohim Thanos," which is also the pseudonym of the church's Founder, who has learned, through his personal journey since founding the Church, that both lightness and darkness are important; they are both required to paint with the full spectrum of grayscales present in reality; without the resulting contrast and shading, there can be no beauty.

This logo also wrapped the Church's motto "Ex nihilo omnia fiunt" around the center, and added its Kanji logo 討成救 (which is intended to evoke the connotations "the destroyer becomes the creator" and "from analysis, achieve englightenment") at the bottom.

This newer logo, above, derived from the previous one, below.

Here is the Church's previous logo, square version 3.0:

This logo represents several things.  The Latin phrase at the bottom, "Ex nihil omnia fiunt," means, "Out of nothingness, all things are made."  This relates to Metaversalism's basic ontological position that, even in the absence of anything existing, pure logic (or Logos) by necessity still generates all of the elaborate, wonderful detailed structure of the Metaverse of all possible universes, including sub-structures that describe/are our universe, our subjective streams of consciousness (a.k.a. "immortal souls"), and all of the various gods (or Gods) that we can imagine.  The dark circle at the center can represent the "nothing" from which everything comes, while the arch can represent the all-encompassing Metaverse.  The line connecting them denotes that nothing and everything are really one and the same entity - that is, existence is actually the very same thing as non-existence.  

In another interpretation of the symbolism, Metaversalism can also be viewed as the slim, trim, over-arching framework from which you can hang the plump bag of baroque details that are contained within any traditional (or nontraditional) religion - since in Metaversalism, every religion (if it can be expanded into a complete, mathematically consistent model) is actually a correct religion, for some subset of possible universes like ours.  

Alternatively, the dark circle in the middle can represent a "child universe" that is budding off from (being created within) its "parent universe," which surrounds and protects it, like a mother holding a child.  For example, perhaps the parent universe is the "native universe" of your favorite deity, and the child universe is a copy of our universe that is being simulated and studied by that deity.  Note that the universes are connected together by the embedding of one into the other.  

Finally, the ball in the center can represent the beliefs of all conventional religions, which can be contained and encompassed by the broad overarching framework that is the meta-religion of Metaversalism.  The logo itself is shaped vaguely like the letter "M" for Meta, an ancient Greek prefix meaning after or beyond, while the white arc surrounding the central circle is shaped like a "C" for Church, or Creation.

Version 2.0 of the logo, above, is in a 143x59 aspect ratio, to please the Google Apps interface.  We take the name of the Church and its Latin motto (an earlier version of it) and put them on the side.  This format is more readable from a distance.  Note the horns of the arc extend farther around the central circle - this fills the space more evenly.


Version 3.0 of the side-logo is like version 2.0 except that "Church of" is stretched out to match the width of "Metaversalism," we incorporate the latest version of our Latin motto, and include our web address.  This version would be suitable for making a bumper sticker of a certain shape.

Finally, this 4.0 bumper-sticker version of the logo is similar to 3.0 but is in an 11x3 aspect ratio suitable for the creation of a bumper sticker product on Zazzle.com.  Visit our web store to buy it!