Basic Precepts of Metaversalism

Fundamental premises of Metaversalist philosophy 

1. Basic Premises of Metaversalism

The Basic Precepts or Premises of Metaversalist philosophy can be divided into two major parts:  Metaphysics and Ethics.   

Metaverse Theory (Metaversalist Metaphysics)

Metaversalism's metaphysics (meaning its philosophy "beyond physics") is concerned with questions of ontology (what exists), and with the nature of consciousness, and with the metaphysical situation that we, as conscious beings, find ourselves in.

Metaveralism develops its metaphysics in the form of a coherent, rationalistic theory, based on standard modern results from empirical science, mathematics, and computer science, but developed further into the metaphysical domain through the application of pure logical deduction, together with battle-tested principles of scientific induction.  We call the resulting structure of sound metaphysical results Metaverse Theory, to emphasize its rationalistic basis.  There are some parts of metaverse theory that do remain somewhat speculative at this time, but we hope that with further investigation, these parts as well can be placed on a more definitive, mathematical foundation.

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Metaversalist Ethics

Decision theory teaches us that making good decisions in a deliberate, rational fashion requires not just that we have correct beliefs about what factual statements about the world are true and false, but that we also have a system of values that accurately reflects the degree of "goodness" or desirability of different possible outcomes; what decision theorists call utility.

Posing a value system (and to some extent justifying it) is a task for a philosophical system of ethics.  In order to be a more complete philosophical system, and to hopefully help influence the world in a positive way, Metaversalism includes an ethical system, which we call Metaversalist Ethics.  We do not claim that our ethical system is imposed upon us by God (or any god); we feel that values and ethics are ultimately a matter of personal choice.  However, we nevertheless hereby propose our value system for consideration by the community of thinking beings that make up human civilization.

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1.1. Situational Premises,
         a.k.a. "Metaverse Theory"

1.2. Moral Premises,
          a.k.a., "Metaversal Ethics"

2. Great Mysteries Solved by Metaversalism

3. Answers to some Objections to Metaversalism

4. History of Metaversalism